testing echo server

I was just wondering how I can test an echo server. The conclusion was to send a lot of random data and compare sent and received data. The first part I managed by calling openssl tool included in Git for Windows distribution to generate about 1.8GB random text. To send all the generated data I used NetCat for Windows.

openssl rand -base64 10000000000 -out /z/random.txt
cat /z/random.txt | nc 54443 > /z/received.txt

echo server

I am trying to write quite complex and scalabe network application using only ANSI C and WinAPI to gain a lot of performance. I am not ready to do it in one iteration. The first step was just to create simple echo server. The solution was implemented in about 4 hours. It uses only single thread, but it is very concurrent thanks to Windows IOCP.

Souce Code: GitHub
Windows IOCP: Documentation